AEW’s All Out Event Happened

I had a chance to watch this event, and as far as wrestling goes, it wasn’t bad at all. Some of it was predictable, but for the most part it was a fine event. It’s worth checking out as a WWE alternative. The Buy-In preshow was okay and the battle royale was serviceable.

Another Year Passes

August 31st marked 13 years since my father passed. July and August both are rough for me as that’s when I lost each parent (mom in July, dad in August). My subconscious turns around and manifests the grief as insomnia, so the last couple of weeks have been quite interesting as far as sleeping goes. It’s lovely for productivity though. My dad was instrumental in building my love of computers and gaming. He was always encouraging me to explore our VIC-20, then our C64 to see what I could make it do. I remember when he brought the Atari 2600 home, hooked it up and we proceeded to play games for hours. He loved it. Unfortunately he wasn’t into the NES as much as I was, but he still loved the Atari.