Facebook of late has been in the news with regards to privacy issues and political ads. My Facebook feed these days I would say is about 80-90% images and memes. Nothing against friends and family that post on Facebook, I’m just done with that method of communication. I intend to keep Messenger, and I’ll post pictures of the minion (otherwise the family might have issues), but most of my focus will shift to Twitter, here and now that I’m getting back into photography, I’ll be getting that site back up and running soon.

I removed the Facebook app from my phone about a month or two ago, and it’s been delightful. I’d check my feed when I get home, but now I’ll probably check it once a week unless someone drops me a message with something I absolutely need to see. I may also export a copy of my data to get photos backed up and start pruning that as well. It just depends. Right now, step one is to just withdraw and focus on other things.

Other things? Gaming. Python development. Streaming. Photography. I’ve got quite a few things on my list. Keep an eye on my Twitter, or right here on my website to see what I’m working on. A streaming schedule is coming soon.