Muh Comics!

I’m sure by now you might have seen something with regards to a female Marvel Comics editor out with some coworkers getting a milkshake, right? It seems innocent enough, but apparently there are some very, very fragile males out there that took the opportunity to take a shit all over something that is, well, just a normal everyday scene. But, because it was an all-female gathering, it must be some sort of protest or other nefarious thing, right?
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Thank You, Adam West

Adam West passed away earlier this month, and that was a hard one to fathom. He was the first Batman I recall seeing, and I have fond memories of watching Batman ‘66 with friends during a sleepover during my childhood. He was also responsible for my love of comics, because I had to find out more about Batman and that got me into other things as well. The weekend of his passing, I watched Batman ‘66 again, and yes while it’s campy as ever, it’s still a very enjoyable movie to me.
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