Photography. It’s a Thing

Photography is one of my creative outlets. Contrary to what some haters (and boy I do have some haters out there) will tell you, I don’t shoot photos so I can get off. Far from it. I love showcasing beauty I find in people, places and things. Most of my shoots to date have been of lovely ladies who agreed to shoot with me, and it’s always been low stress, low pressure and a lot of fun to shoot.
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My Favorites: Penny Underbust

Welcome to the first edition of My Favorites, a weekly post about a favorite game, movie, personality, cosplayer, (you get the idea). This week, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite Youtubers, Penny Underbust, aka Plunder Bunny I actually came across her on DeviantArt after browsing around for a while. I remember seeing a photo of her as Supergirl (this was a few years ago) and so I followed that photo over to her profile.
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