Tuesday Tidbits - Back to Windows and Rocket League

Xanny, I thought you said you were sticking with Linux? Yeah, I know, but after getting aggrevated with some things not working as they should and spending more time than I’d like troubleshooting, I just ended up wiping Linux out and reinstalling Windows. A bit of background, I spend 90% of my time troubleshooting and living in a terminal at my day job, so when I get home I’m more in the camp of “I just want this thing to work, that’s it.
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Back to Linux

On Monday, I wiped my main drive of Windows and installed Linux (Arch, if you’d like specifics) after taking a couple of weeks to do some research with regards to what I would miss by moving to Linux as my main operating system. Since others may be interested in what I ended up doing, I figured I would write about how I went about this. Windows 10 was working alright for me, but it was getting to be a bit annoying at times and I wanted to be able to jump into some projects head-first.
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