Muh Comics!

I’m sure by now you might have seen something with regards to a female Marvel Comics editor out with some coworkers getting a milkshake, right? It seems innocent enough, but apparently there are some very, very fragile males out there that took the opportunity to take a shit all over something that is, well, just a normal everyday scene. But, because it was an all-female gathering, it must be some sort of protest or other nefarious thing, right?
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My Favorites: Penny Underbust

Welcome to the first edition of My Favorites, a weekly post about a favorite game, movie, personality, cosplayer, (you get the idea). This week, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite Youtubers, Penny Underbust, aka Plunder Bunny I actually came across her on DeviantArt after browsing around for a while. I remember seeing a photo of her as Supergirl (this was a few years ago) and so I followed that photo over to her profile.
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PC Gaming Is Far From Hard

A site named Motherboard posted an article complaining that PC gaming is too hard. Read on for my thoughts on the matter. Recently, the subsite Motherboard at vice.com published an article entitled PC Gaming Is Still Way Too Hard, in which the author complains that trying to build a gaming rig is far too expensive and time consuming for the average person. From the first paragraph: Here’s Motherboard’s super simple guide to building your first gaming PC:
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