Google Migration Updates

Sorry for the long break in posts, life happens. :) My migration away from Google for most things is pretty much complete at this point. I’ll go through each service and explain my replacement. Gmail I had already begun migration away from Gmail some time ago, having first tried Protonmail and then finally settling on Fastmail with my own domain. Using my own domain is key to this transition for a few reasons, but the largest one by far is ease of service switching.
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Migrating from Google and Others

Google used to be all about “Don’t be evil”, however now with their size, that’s not really a thing for them any longer. I’ve been slowly migrating things away from Google as I’ve gotten the chance to do so, not just because of this, but in order to have better control over my data and my email. Email and contacts from Google to my own domain Gmail is a decent service, but the old saying goes “if it’s free, then you’re the product”.
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VPNs and a Review

Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and a remote computer. You may have connected to your workplace via a corporate VPN and it’s the same concept. Once connected, any network traffic generated by your device is sent over the encrypted tunnel to the remote machine, and then out to the world at large. Basically if someone were to try to sniff your traffic between your computer and the remote VPN server, all they would see is garbage.
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