Con Season Is Coming

Convention season here in the southeast is beginning to spin up again and I wanted to take some time to discuss something very important. Consent. I’ve heard horror stories from friends of mine about consent violations in the past and I’ve been actively trying to keep an eye out and prevent these things from happening. It’s super-simple, really. If you don’t know someone, don’t do it. It can be a touch or taking a photo.
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Muh Comics!

I’m sure by now you might have seen something with regards to a female Marvel Comics editor out with some coworkers getting a milkshake, right? It seems innocent enough, but apparently there are some very, very fragile males out there that took the opportunity to take a shit all over something that is, well, just a normal everyday scene. But, because it was an all-female gathering, it must be some sort of protest or other nefarious thing, right?
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