Thinkpad W540 - My Favorite Laptop

New laptops are great, but for me nothing beats an older Thinkpad. I currently have a W540 with an i7, 32GB of RAM and 500GB of SSD space. It’s got a few years on it, and I bought it used. My only complaint was the trackpad wasn’t the greatest. After some research, I found that the trackpad could easily replaced with one from another model, so I ordered it and it arrived.
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Debian 10 on a Thinkpad W540

I’m a fan of the older Thinkpads. They work, they’re not super-expensive and they fit my needs perfectly. My current Thinkpad is the following: Thinkpad W540 i7-4800MQ 32GB RAM 500GB SSD (Primary) 250GB SSD in the superbay (replaced the DVD drive) For some time I was running Windows 10 on it, but given its main purpose in life is a mobile workstation for when I’m on call, and my job is primarily Linux-based, I decided to see how Linux would run.
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