Tuesday Tidbits - Projects!

I’m starting to look at some projects that I’ve had on the back burner due to work stress and other things, simply because one can not video game with all of their free time. I mean, you could, but if there’s other stuff that interests you too, you don’t want to have your time monopolized by one thing. I came to the realization that’s what has been happening, so I’m going to fix that.
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Tuesday Tidbits - AEW and Other Thoughts

AEW’s All Out Event Happened I had a chance to watch this event, and as far as wrestling goes, it wasn’t bad at all. Some of it was predictable, but for the most part it was a fine event. It’s worth checking out as a WWE alternative. The Buy-In preshow was okay and the battle royale was serviceable. Another Year Passes August 31st marked 13 years since my father passed.
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Tuesday Tidbits - Back to Windows and Rocket League

Xanny, I thought you said you were sticking with Linux? Yeah, I know, but after getting aggrevated with some things not working as they should and spending more time than I’d like troubleshooting, I just ended up wiping Linux out and reinstalling Windows. A bit of background, I spend 90% of my time troubleshooting and living in a terminal at my day job, so when I get home I’m more in the camp of “I just want this thing to work, that’s it.
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